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I find it very difficult to manage my time. There's so many things to learn and test, from broken machines to network scripts and making music. I get nervous every mini-project I start working on cause I think something else will catch my attention to it and I'll forget about the previous one like I always do. I end up often procrastinating the whole thing. At least I can say that every project I didn't finish made me learn about subjects I didn't know. Most times I have to delete it all, when I don't do it by accident, to start from scratch, forcing a different vision about it.

I walked this rabbit hole since my silly games on RPG Maker. Even if I didn't finish a single one, they taught me well about if-else conditions and the whole thing it's like an algorithm. I'm on my third try on a text-based horror game with multiple endings and now I'm foccused on writing, cause the code itself already got me headaches before at trying to glue all those little modules together. But isn't that what Unix culture is about? Simple programs made to do one thing only, but which become very powerful when joined together. That's something I try to apply to my life every day.


GTA V has been a real bitch to install on Linux Mint. Other games run just fine but this *thing* refuses to launch. I used to play it with legendary before and it just worked out-of-the-box but now it's a nightmare. Same for Steam version. Maybe it had something to do with Rockstar since they had that brilliant idea to build their own launcher. So for this one game I have to stick with dual-booted Bill Gates. Lots of forced-necessary-evil companies out there.



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When I read more about Gemini, I couldn't love it more. Is there really a place where we can just be ourselves in these cancerous times we live? Finally run away from the Big Brother? At first I thought Gemini was just some experiment made by nerds and hobbyists but there's more to it.

Gemini is a new Internet protocol. It provides an alternative to the Web and a modern take on its early stages, back when the BBS's and text-based content were a thing, foccused on actually giving rich content rather than tracking and spying on us, corrupting our experience with bloated websites filled with ads at every single click.

For example, when you visit a website you computer sends a request to the server with some headers that can identify your browser and current OS, and this is only the very beginning. In Gemini there's just no such thing. The only thing sent to the server is the URL itself, so you can't be uniquely identified because of your browser, avoiding the need to spend time installing so many extensions as adblockers and privacy resistants (they're not useless either, but worrying about privacy it's not an excuse to turn your browser into a fucking Christmas tree).

So, will Gemini replace the Internet? Will it become popular? As clearly stated in its documentation, Gemini won't try to replace the Web and it doesn't see WWW as only the evil root that needs to be cut off either. The Internet as we know came from the ashes of the ARPANET communication warzone, almost inacessible to the rest of the world, to something that could finally unite us all and make our lives easier. We can think of Gemini as an place to actual evaluate and share original creations without being forced by the pressure of the mainstream social media and its "content creators", a way to bring the Internet back to where it belongs, finally allowing the user to take back control.

For more information:

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It's half an hour to midnight and I'm working on a bookmarks section to replace misc on the navigation. Instead of writing a new page directly on Neocities, I just run a simple Python server on my computer and open the page with Firefox to see if everything's working. Don't know if the bookmarks page will make it today cause I have to work tomorrow morning, but everything's backed up offline and I can finish at work. I read some cases of websites "disappearing" or getting hacked here. Well, in any case, ALWAYS remember to backup.


O planeta movido a Internet é escravo da tecnologia. Portuguese for "The planet driven by Internet is a slave for technology" and taken from a Nonatos' song I listened today at my girlfriend's place, it made me thought about a conversation with my friend yesterday night, when we discuss about all things that became unused by today's tech standards, such as floppy disks and CD-ROMs, and modern laptops that don't accept them anymore. Imagine all the data that we collected and backed up on these devices for years that could be lost if we lose access to them. I better get all those VHS tapes at my old apartment and convert them to digital asap.


Working to upload the "entire" thing to Neocities - there's nothing much to see anyway. Not sure yet about the what's goes where's but I like the way this is going.